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Our partners

Our partners

You will find some of our partners that we suggest to you, because they are very professional and all their products are local.

The Sun of Carpentras

This local company offers canned truffles, olive oils and vinegar flavored and scented with the region's truffles. Leave with a souvenir of the region by buying Carpentras truffles. 

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Fabre Gourmet

We are partners of the company "Fabre Gourmet", which offers dishes and artisanal products that you can have directly delivered to your cottage in the heart of nature in Carpentras.

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The craving for food

We are partners of the Carpentras pastry-chocolate factory "L’Envie des Mets" located for more than 20 years in Carpentras.

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Fabien cooks for you

A desire to let go, to enjoy the holidays, I'm here for you!!!

 A Provençal evening, a Picnic, a Sports Meal before climbing Mont Ventoux or why not a Theme Party...

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Carpentras tourist office

Discover the Carpentras tourist information office located 97 place du 25 August 1944

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Pascale's shop

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Come and discover the great classics of Japanese cuisine with a hint of Western originality.

We let our creativity express itself through our Signature sushi. Buckle up your seat belts and embark on a world tour of flavors.

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Savonnerie des Dentelles in Provence.

The products developed by Savonnerie des Dentelles are made from natural raw materials and from organic farming.

In a real ecological concern, we do our best to stay

as simple as possible in our formulations, totally excluding the use of components from the petrochemical industry, of animal origin or even parabens, silicones or thickeners, heavy with consequences on the environment and on our health.

Our products are never tested on animals.

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Ventoux Travel Car

We are a tourist vehicle agency with drivers in Vaucluse who accompanies you, whether you are on vacation, at a seminar or on cycle tourism.

Trust, quality of welcome, safe transport, attentive, friendly and professional is our priority.

High-end 7-seater vehicle, subject to availability, 15-seater bus, 9-seater mini bus

translator tablet, bike rack, luggage trailer, 14-bike trailer, first aid bag with defibrillator.